Hello, I am Deepali Karanjavkar from India.
If someone needs to beautify their product with simple UX solutions to make it world class, it's up to me to design a functional flow by understanding users, to create outstanding visuals and interactions, and to make a refined developed product for market release with both agile or research methods.
I’m a true believer that design is truly about problem-solving and making people’s lives better.
I deal with nature, observe things around, experiencing things more than anything & that gives me positive energy throughout the process. I enjoy tea and black coffee with my peers & share thoughts about life and new technologies with each other. A big dream of my life is to help, inspire others & make them happy with lots of positive energy through my profession in design. 
My desire is to travel the world, learn to cook food, languages, culture from the places I visit. I believe that soon my dream will come true to see the snow for the first time (don’t know exactly how/ my intuitions). I can be found anytime doodling, capturing images, making paper crafts, hand lettering, doing rangoli making videos. I am fascinated by nature, organic patterns, the color of foods & its taste, communication of people, the greatest effect when technology merges with art & design.

You will be surprised, if I say:
I have also worked as a contract-based caricature artist in IT companies when I was a student.
I can clap with my one hand. 
I can write & draw with my both hands.
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