Call app is redesigned for Indus (over android) with Indian (regional) target user group with very much helpful features like recharge and local contact search. 

Over 80% smartphone users in India are new users or just shifted from feature phone to smartphone. For them, call app that comes with android is difficult to use. It has been the great effort of Indus OS redefining OS for Indian users with their different & regional needs. Smartphone usage in India is tremendously increasing, variety of users, and their needs; call app used more than any other app in user’s phone. If users are using a smartphone, for every needs why to go from several apps. Multiple apps increase space and for budget phone Indian user;s always face issues going out of memory. New call app is a feature rich solution that is designed for users who would love all the needs served in just one app, and in less number of clicks.

You can view the call app prototype here,

It was a very research-driven approach towards building the app with an user-centric approach that flourished strategies as well as experience. Process followed was, 

- Primary research (user study/competitive study)
- Contextual Inquiry
- Testing at various level of the stages 
- Focus groups
- User’s feedback
- Data Analytics

The research insights were useful for the product team and building their strategy and creating the roadmap and also the essential features to be worked upon. The research data was helped truly defining the design philosophy, communication strategy, and overall design of OS and ultimately call app and other core apps.
User research and phone usage for various purposes, following are major problem identification as per findings,
- First-time smartphone users are unable to discover the features provided by android, as they are not very tech savvy. They use minimum apps in their daily usage.
- 80% usage of a smartphone is done with Call app. Users rarely use the third party apps. 
- For one purpose they have to download the app and that app stays unused for longer that occupies unnecessary space. This keeps happens for every other app, e.g. food delivery app, recharge app, finding nearby services app.

The product Outline:
Quick access to search a contact- To help users to find desired information/contact in one app (easy discovery) and categories for a quick discovery.
Recharge and balance information- This is an essential information for Indian users.
Nearby Services- A quick access to service contact via call app, no need to download third party apps for every service. Services integrated into call application provides persistent experience for Indian users.
Design Process:
As a Startup company and release quicker to sustain a product in the market we followed Agile process which focuses on users and experience of OS feature discoveries, desired app usage.  Consistent loop of the testing and feedback while design is ongoing and evolving based on these feedbacks, QA testers, market analysis, etc. Release onetime and on-budget with or with perfection and evolving in the next release with new findings and tweaked versions with OS updates.
User Persona
The product output is a success for the company as it was made with user-centric approach that also followed business needs, User’s satisfaction was the key value of business. In no time we build over 6 million users and more OEM’s approached us. 
(brainstorming session with business, product and dev team)
MOBILE APP UX and UI design

User’s strong need is to know the balance upfront, and recharge quickly when it indicates it's lower. More than 65% of Indian smartphone users use prepaid SIM and they keep track of every call cost and duration. On a quick tap user can recharge as well as see an usage information in graphs. User’s prefers to use call, even for service contacts as well. Making search contact for nearby services was also important, rather downloading a particular app for one or rare time use.  Once user search the service contact, it automatically saves into his contacts. Initial services that we focus on integrating are Doctors, Foods, Home services, wellness and beauty, etc.
Sim balance is visible under the recent, dialer and contact tab as it is the key feature and needed by Indian users. A user may close the application in-between while using any of these tabs and when he opens an application appears with last tab open. In major scenarios like calling a contact by using a dialer, viewing recent numbers and calling or search a contact; in all these cases user needs balance information for decision making of which sim to call from and recharging sim when the balance is over.
Services feature placed under the contact tab. More features can be explore collapsing more action button. 
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