Aim: Chakva is an action packed game of fun and frolic that keeps you at the edge of your seat while trying to beat the opponent. Simple game play and ethnic motifs add to the charm of the game and give it a traditional feel.

Game Play: -In Indian language, “Chakva” means “to trick” and that is exactly how you win the game; by tricking your opponent. -The game consists of seven coloured beads per player rolling on a disk fixed on the wobbling base. The disk has two holes through which the player must pass all his beads in order to win.-Using just their fingers to push the handles down, both players incline the base in such a way that their beads fall through the holes leaving fewer beads on the disk. The game requires the players to use each others movements to their advantage, thus tricking the other player into rolling the opponents beads away from the holes.The first player to put in all his beads into base wins

The disk can be replaced by another with complex patterns to increase the difficulty of the game for advanced players. Players may also add larger beads to block the holes increasing the risk and excitement of the game.This fast paced game of action attracts players of all age groups adding to the fun!
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